He Hears You


“But as for me, it is good to be near God, I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge;  I will tell of all your deeds.”  Psalm 73:28

Remember that the God of the universe cares about you, loves you, and listens to You at all times….

All my desires, hopes, and “could it be”‘s
Are wrapped up, thankfully, safely in Thee.
I do not know what the answers will be
And yet I know it’s not up to me.
I know what I wish for and hope it will be true
Remind me in the wait that all I can do is depend on You.
Satisfy my hunger
Satisfy my desire
Tell me what I do not know, where Your thoughts are higher.
Here is my heart
Here is my confusion
Lead me to Your will, Your peace, not an illusion.
Make Yourself real to me
Calm me in this wait
Give me the right perspective
Remind me Your answers are never late.
Help me remember You are moving, at work in places I cannot see
Remind me that nothing is impossible for You, help me believe.
My heart is longing for an answer, hoping for good news.
Anchor my soul in Your strength, knowing You’ve walked in my shoes.
So here are my mixed emotions, tangled in one big mess.
Sort them out one by one, be big in my life and let me be less.
I need You Father so desperately, my heart feels fragile in this state.
I need You in this wait.
Hold me with Your strong arms,
let me linger here awhile,
because this wait is wearing on me, and I need to feel Your smile.
I need to know You’re there, at work behind the scenes
sorting out every detail and carefully handling my dreams.
So here’s my hope, my prayer, my wish – it surprises me how it aches –
I cast it now into Your care, help me leave it there.
And help me make each moment count while I wait,
And not give in to despair
Trusting the Creator of the Universe in whom I am an heir.
God, O God, I need You
I can’t do this on my own,
I want to give You glory
and help make You be known.

   Prayer:  “Thank You, Jesus, that I can cry out to You about anything and everything.”


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