My Compass

imageI was born and raised and Dallas, but put me on the outskirts of Dallas, and I feel lost! I recently had a ballet performance out in Southlake, TX. I do good with directions if I can avoid major highways, but put me on several highways with lane changes, crossing over and under other highways, and it puts a little tension in my bones. So I made it to the performance just fine, had fun performing, and gathered up my gear to head home. Thankfully, my parents had come to watch the show and offered to let me follow them home so I would not get lost. It was late at night, I still had all my stage-makeup on so I would not be pulling over to ask for directions! So we headed out, and I felt a sense of calm, knowing I was following my Dad in his big red truck. We got on the highway, and I kept following. All of the sudden though, he exited, and I could not get over fast enough to exit with him. So I just kept driving having no idea where this highway was leading me. Had it just been residential streets, I probably wouln’t have panicked, but we were on a highway surrounded by what seemed like lots of other highways, and I couldn’t just pick up my phone and type in directions. Deep breath. My phone rang. It was my Daddy. In the most calming, reassuring voice, he just told me not to worry and to stay on the phone and let him guide me where to go. Doing my best to not totally freak out, He guided me back on course, back on track, and back on the correct route. But not only that, within ten minutes of my little detour, He was pulling up in his big, red truck right behind me. He had come to find me, make sure I knew where I was, and to guide me the rest of the way home. It hit me that I just needed to follow, not worry, not try to figure it out, just follow. And it hit me that his love is like my heavenly Father’s love: big, strong, protective, surrounding me at all times. That He is with me at all times. And He is my compass. He guides me to where I need to be. He gets me off the wrong path. He turns me back in the right direction. My job? To follow and to trust that He knows what He is doing, and where He is leading.

Thanks, Dad. Your love is  such a sweet picture of God’s love. (This picture is my Dad’s “new” old truck, not the actual big red one I was following in this when I got lost, but I just happen to take this picture of him the other day…didn’t know I would use it in a devo!)

Prayer: “Thank you, Father, that you are my guiding light. Thank You that you lead me every step of every day. Thank You that I can trust Your leading. Help me trust your leading knowing that You know best.”


One thought on “My Compass

  1. Sarah, how wonderful that each little happening can transform into a beautiful story. All things Work together for good.

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