Fill Up and Jump for Joy

imagePhoto credit: Sharon Bradford, The Dancing Image

“You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace.” Isaiah 55:12

Ballet dancers go through a repetitive process every single day of the week in order to prepare their bodies for their rigorous rehearsal and performance schedule. I know for me, that means, eating a breakfast that will give me energy for my morning; getting my hair secure and tight so that I do not have to worry about it falling down during a pirouette combination in the middle of class. Once inside the studios, the process of warming up the muscles (or waking them up!) begins. Dressed in my comfy warm-up clothes, I find a spot in the studio, and start my little warm-up routine that has become like second nature over the years. It involves sit ups, push ups, inner thigh leg lifts and circles, and LOTS of stretching. This fifteen minute little routine gets my muscles warm enough to start class. It wakes up my muscles, gets them lose, and gets them going so that I feel ready, prepared, and energized for ballet class, rehearsals and performances. Notice, I cannot warm up on Monday and expect to stay warmed up for the rest of the week. I warm up…..for Monday, rehearse all day…..then when Tuesday starts….gotta warm up for Tuesday. I start the process all over again because without it, my muscles are cold and prone to injury. We warm up our bodies every day so that they are ready for THAT day. Every day, ballet dancers have to start with their warm-up.

In your walk with the Lord, Jesus wants you to come to Him DAILY to fill up for EACH day. My time with the Lord on Monday, while it is better than no time with Him at all, will not last the whole week. Without the Bread of His Word each day, we will start to feel empty….depleted. He has something special for you in His Word every single day. We can pray, “Lord, give us today our daily bread.” (Matthew 6:11) “Lord, give me just what I need to read from Your Word today.” He will give you just what you need for that day. Trust Him to do it.

And when you spend that time with Him, enjoying His company, “you will go out in joy and be led forth in peace.” Sign me up! I want that! Every. Single. Day. To be able to go about my day in joy and be LED FORTH (by the God of the universe) in peace. (rest, not worried, not stressed)

So, in the busyness of the wonderful Christmas season, take the time to be with Jesus first. Take the time to fill up…so that you can jump for joy every.single. day….no matter what the day holds.

Prayer: “Dear Lord, give me today, just what I need from Your Word for this day. Help me make time with You my first priority because I know Your Word is where I gain wisdom and strength for every day.”


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