Pep Talk


“They cried to You and were saved;  in You they trusted and were not disappointed.” Psalm 22:5

When I was dancing for Ballet Austin, one thing I looked forward to each season, was our one on one conference with our director. Now, I’m not saying I wasn’t nervous about this….it was kind of a mixture of fear of what he might say or point out that I needed to work on and excitement and anticipation that he might say some kind words. It was a time for my director to tell me what he thought of my work and to let me know if there was anything I could improve about my dancing. It was also a time for me to bring up any concerns I have about my place in the company. So that day was always exciting, but it was scary too. I looked forward to it because it was special to have a one on one conversation with the director who selected me to dance in his company because most rehearsal and perfomance days, with the busyness of rehearsing, we could not really sit down and chat. I always left that time, thankfully, encouraged and inspired…it was such a comfort to my soul to know where I stood with him and with the company. The hardest conference I ever had was when I had to tell him that we were moving to a different city. I cried. But even then, he let me know that it was okay and he spurred me on to keep going for it in my dancing. Most of our conversations were good….but there were times he would flat ask out ask me, “Is everything okay in your personal life?” Woah. Nothing to do with my dancing, but at the same time, that question had everything to do with my dancing because anything outside of the studio affected how I was doing inside the studio. Basically, this one on one conversation allowed me a chance to bring my concerns to my director, and his concerns to me, and therefore I felt newly encouraged and inspired.

You know me, I am going to connect this to our walk with Jesus! Do you feel spiritually dry? Do you just feel tired? Do you just feel a sadness in your heart today? Do you feel restless? Do you feel alone? Do you feel yourself questioning? Do you wonder if God is there at all?

Just tell Jesus. Find a quiet place. Sit down with Him. Talk to Him. Tell Him. Just yesterday, I prayed a very elequent prayer that went something like this….”Lord, I am TIRED. I am TIRED of being tired. Where’s my joy?”

When you sit down with Him you can talk to Him like He is your closest friend in the world. You can talk to Him just as you would sit at Starbucks and talk to your closest friend. You can be honest with Him about how you are feeling. And the sweetest part, is that when we cry out to Him….HE WILL ANSWER! It may surprise you how He will answer. He may bless you that day with a little gift that delights your soul….a gift that He knows You love….maybe it’s a burst of energy,  maybe it’s just a sense of His peace or a burst of joy….He will do it in a way that is unique to you….He will answer.

So I encourage you today to have a little pow wow with Jesus. A one on one conversation with the ONE who holds Your place in heaven for you if you just believe. You do not have to be elequent, you do not have to say the “right” prayer, you do not have to pray for a certain number of minutes….just talk to Him….


watch for Him to work. Watch for the surprises. Watch for the encouragement throughout your day. Watch for God to be at work in your life because He cares so much about you that He wants to answer your every concern. He loves you so much.

Prayer….. (sweet reader, I’ll let you write your own prayer today….)


One thought on “Pep Talk

  1. Yes, yes, yes…. set aside sweet quiet time to talk to Him…. about anything. You will find Him everywhere in your day if you are looking. 🙂

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