Nutcracker Time


“From Zion, perfect in beauty, God shines forth.” Psalm 50:2

Many of you who are reading that are dancers are right in the middle of the excitment and busyness of Nutcracker rehearsals and performances. Your feet may be throbbing and swollen from day after day rehearsing in your pointe shoes. You may feel tired and almost on auto pilot as you coast through one more rehearsal or one more performance. You may feel bored of dancing the same role for the tenth year in a row. You may feel SOOOOO ready to take off your pointe shoes for that last time after the last show so that you can get home to your family and enjoy Christmas…

I want to encourage you to savor the magic of the experience. Savor the friendships that build as you line up side by side in the snow scene as snowflakes. Savor the rush of joy and adrenaline (and sometimes nerves!) that overflow your heart as the curtain opens for the next show. Savor the cycle of packing for the theater, walking around backstage in your legwarmers and foot booties, taking warm up class on the stage, and methodically putting on your stage makeup. Savor the fact that you have this opportunity to perform…to do what you love. Sometimes we forget that we love it because we are tired, worn-out, and just physically exhausted. Savor the magic of the experience….the sparkle, the lights, the audience, the fun, the joy…

This is my first year in quite awhile to not be performing in the Nutcracker. I have a different kind of savoring to enjoy this Christmas…it looks more like this…

~ drinking hot chocolate out of Santa mugs with my three boys
~ time and space to Christmas shop slowly
~ time to enjoy the Christmas tree and the Christmas music
~ time to celebrate new babies and family celebrations

And time to encourage YOU in your Christmas season, whether you are dancing Waltz of the Flowers every night until Christmas or whether you are at home caring for your precious newborn baby, or whatever you are savoring this Christmas…. I want to encourage you to go slow, to savor and treasure the beautiful Christmas moments, and to be thankful for where God has you in this season.

As you savor and slow, God will shine forth. As you get still, soak in, and notice the blessings all around you, Your heart can rest, knowing Jesus is at work in your life, behind the scenes, ahead of you, behind you, and all around you. As you soak in the magic of sparkling Christmas ornaments, snow-covered lawns, music that points to a baby that came down on this earth to be the WAY for you to know God….may your Christmas season take on new joy, new delight, and excitement at the wonder of it all.

And if you are dancing, enjoy it, enjoy it, enjoy.

Christmas blessings!


2 thoughts on “Nutcracker Time

  1. It’s a season of rest I know for you…. and difficult and different…. yet you have chosen to see God in all of it…. treasure his blessings and savor…..:)

  2. Sarah. What a beautiful Encouragement you have unselfishly given to others with this post. It is perfectly wrapped and Presented to all with grace, peace and the beauty of Christmas.

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