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I do not know where you come from or where you are at, but I know we definitely have one thing in common, we know ballet. We know the world of ballet, the ups and downs, the joy of performing and hearing the roar of the audience, the frustration in the studio, the time that goes into an art that we love, the theater that feels like a second home, the aching feet, the sore muscles, the bond with other dancers and the people in our field, the disappointment, the excitement, the effort and the struggles, and we agree that USUALLY it is worth it! I have written this devotional in order to connect with those dancers and dance world people out there that I will probably never meet. You may already know the One who is the giver of your gifts, who died to save you and set you free, or you may not know Him at all. But I would love for you to know Him or to get to know Him better. And the language I know is dance. But even if you are not a ballet dancer or have no interest in ballet whatsoever, I am also a wife, a boy-mom to three precious sons, a daughter, a sister, a friend…..a woman who longs to go deeper with her Savior. As women, we struggle with similar issues of self-doubt, body image issues, insecurity, and oh the list goes on. I hope your heart is encouraged, strengthened, and restored as you draw closer to the One who made you and loves you. My prayer for you is that these devotionals will help you relate the Bible to what you are going through and therefore elevate the value of God’s Word in your daily life. I pray that it will give you a hunger and desire to daily dig into His life-giving Word.

Sarah Elisabeth has been a professional ballet dancer for the past 15 years and was a competitive gymnast before falling in love with ballet.  Sarah attributes much of her strength, discipline, and focus as a dancer to the many hours in the gym training with her gymnastics coach, Chris Huggett.   As a young dancer, she trained with Boston Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, School of American Ballet, Dallas Ballet Center with guest master teacher Arnott Mader, under the direction of Brent and Judy Klopfenstein, and Ballet Austin.  Training with  Truman Finney and Michelle Martin at Ballet Austin was the starting point of Sarah finding her first professional position which was with Ballet Austin.  Sarah enjoyed dancing a variety of roles there.  Her favorites are the classics : Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Giselle, La Bayadere, Paquita, Don Quixote, and The Nutcracker.  But Sarah also enjoyed the challenge of Stephen Mills’ original works like Touch, Romeo and Juliet, and Rite of Spring.  After marrying her high school sweetheart, she and her husband made a change and Sarah took a leap of faith with the newly formed Ballet Arlington, later renamed Metropolitan Classical Ballet of Fort Worth and Arlington.  Sarah got to dive into the classics even more, dancing roles in Pas de Chat, La Bayadere, Paquita, and many Russian classics, as well as  an exciting repertory of  Balanchine ballets and original works by Paul Mejia.  She also is indebted to both Alexander Vetrov and Paul Mejia for their encouragement, flexibility, and support to continue dancing after becoming a mom.  Sarah and Brian now have three precious boys: Camp, Cooper, and Colt.  Her three little boys have made dancing richer and more fun and remind her of what is most important. Sarah is currently a faculty member at the Dallas Ballet Center and a principle dancer for Mejia Ballet International. Sarah is working on her first non-fiction book to encourage women of all ages to live in step with their Savior.


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  1. Sarah – What wonderful words you have woven together to “dance” into our hearts. Thank you for blogging from your heart to those of us who are in love with the art of dance because our Heavenly Father is not only the Lord of all – He choreographed the entire creation in our “dance for life” May He continue to inspire you to touch many lives – to bring Him glory and honor! Amen.

  2. Sarah, your blog entries and photos are encouraging reminders of God’s glory, majesty, and perfection AS WELL AS his unconditional love and acceptance of his beautiful creation. May he bless you with inspiration and insight to share with the dancers who need to hear relevant truth spoken into their lives.

  3. Sarah, we spoke at Declare, but I forgot to get your card. I am so grateful Esther linked to you! I just wanted to say how happy I was with what you won in the final giveaways. Truly thrilled. I have a friend with dancer daughters and I will be passing your blog along to them. (Oh! We spoke in the publication panel session. I sat behind you. :D)

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